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Melinda Lee -The Homesteading Maiden


 Hello, I am Melinda Lee, The Homesteading Maiden. My journey to becoming an Urban Homesteader began when I was a child.  My mother and grandmother had gardens and they instilled the love and appreciation for gardening in me.  After college I purchased a home in the city and secured employment with the local school district and shortly after a part-time Park Ranger position with the park system.  The park had an 1880's working farm on the property which I had the opportunity to visit and observe vintage skills.  During my time as a Park Ranger my love for the outdoors and living a simpler life grew. I began incorporating skills I learned from the farm staff into my urban homestead.   

  On my homesteading journey I learned easy and inexpensive ways to obtain self-sufficiency which I will share through videos, podcasts, and articles.   

 I am a member of:  Wild Ones, Greater Columbus Growing Coalition (GCGC), Cincinnati Nature Center - Edible Plants and Foraging Group, and I am the Founder of the Hilltop Garden Hop. 

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