HPC promotes community education in self reliance, sustainability and preparedness skills.


Founder - Melinda Lee:  

 Melinda Lee is an Ohio Dominican alumni with a Bachelor's of Criminal Justice.  With 25 years of public service under her belt, her employment history includes The City of Columbus, The Columbus Public Schools, Franklin County Metro Parks, The Private Industry Council, and Ohio State University.


  Melinda Lee's journey to becoming an Urban Homesteader began when she was a child.  Her mother and grandmother had gardens and they instilled the love and appreciation for gardening in her.  After college she purchased a home in the city and secured employment with the local school district and shortly after a part-time Park Ranger position with the park system.  The park had an 1880's working farm on the property which she had the opportunity to visit and observe vintage skills.  During her time as a Park Ranger her love for the outdoors and living a simpler life grew. She began incorporating skills she learned from the farm staff into her urban homestead.   

  On her homesteading journey she learned easy and inexpensive ways to obtain self-sufficiency which she will share through videos, podcasts, and articles.   

 Melinda Lee is a member of:  Wild Ones, Women Grow Ohio, Greater Columbus Growing Coalition (GCGC), Cincinnati Nature Center - Edible Plants and Foraging Group, and she is the Founder of the Hilltop Garden Hop. 

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