Melinda Lee on Small Town Homestead

Working To Build A Homesteading Community


 Small Town Homestead is a Podcast and blog that encourages people to take steps toward their dreams of homesteading.  Melinda Lee was interviewed by Harold Thornbro, the show host.  Go to the Small Town Homestead website to listen or download the podcast and learn about Harold's story leading him to make drastic lifestyle changes. Read educational articles, watch videos and become a part of the homesteading community.  Here are the links to the podcast.    

Melinda Lee's Podcast Interview Link


Harold and Melinda Lee discuss:

  • Where her passion began and her journey into homesteading.
  • The garden she has planted on her urban homestead, raised beds and rain garden.
  • The perennials she has planted.
  • The challenges of homesteading in a busy area as she is located next to a school.
  • Food preservation and preparation.
  • We talk a lot about Melinda’s community involvement with festivals and groups in her area.
  • Her future projects for her homestead and in the community.
  • We also talk about why she thinks spreading the love of homesteading and gardening is so important.
  • and Much More.

Melinda Lee on Urban Farm U Podcast

Urban Farm U is a Podcast, blog and school that empowering and inspires people to take control of their health, connect to the earth, and foster a more enriching life.  Melinda Lee is a Featured Farmer and was interviewed by Greg Peterson, the show host.  Go to the Urban Farm U website to read about ways she is engaging and encouraging people in her community.  Sit back, relax and listen to Greg and Melinda Lee discuss thrifty gardening tips.  Here are the three links:


About Urban Farm Podcast Host, Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson is a green living and sustainability innovator who is well-known regionally. He has appeared extensively on television and radio and is a frequent guest columnist for publications. His mission is inspire people to embrace their own greenness,which he does daily by living what he speaks. He received his master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) in December 2006 from Arizona State University. His academic training has been augmented by 34 years of real world self-study, ownership of multiple businesses and a rich background in entrepreneurship, computer training, software development and management.

As a resident of Phoenix for the last 48 years, Greg is well-versed in urban sustainability and food production in dry lands. He was first introduced to desert gardening at the age of 12. In 1991, he discovered the concept of permaculture, bringing together many sustainability concepts into one cohesive system. Then in 2001, Greg created a new concept called the Urban Farm (, a real world environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. He applied his extensive background to transform this 1950’s built tract home into an innovative holistic home site. The Urban Farm ( ), featuring an entirely edible landscape, including over 70 fruit trees, rainwater and greywater harvesting, three solar applications, and extensive use of reclaimed and recycled building materials. The site is opened periodically throughout the year to the public and offers classes, lectures and tours.

His experience in nurturing the Urban Farm gave him an emerging presence in the community and, in 2004, Greg partnered with Don Titmus to create the nonprofit Phoenix Permaculture Guild. Greg served as the director and organizer of the organization from its inception until December of 2008 and grew the Guild from a few events per year to an organization with a full board and hundreds of events per year.

Certified Native Plant Habitat

July 2016

HPC's Founder Melinda Lee's yard has been Certified as a Native Plant Habitat. Pictures of her yard will be posted in the National Wild Ones Certified Native Plant Habitat publications and website and she received a sign to post in her yard.

   Add native pollinating food plants to your yard for the butterflies, bees, and birds and certify your yard as a native plant garden habitat.  If you are interested in the Wild Ones program go to                                                                    

My yard is certified and my sign is installed.  

My yard is certified and my sign is installed.