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The Self Reliance Network - Soapmaking Class

The Self Reliance Network is having a soapmaking workshop.

Steve Smith, Survival Instructor with Creek Stewart's Escape The Woods Survival Program, Chillicothe, Ohio


Steve Smith, survival expert and instructor with Creek Stewart's Escape The Woods survival program will be demonstrating Practical Soap Making Skills as part of a Sustainable and Practical Soap Making Workshop sponsored by the Self Reliance Learning Network. Steve will not only demonstrate basic soap-making skills, but will be sharing his hunter-friendly soap formula at The Northside Branch of the Chillicothe and Ross County Public Library (550 Buckeye St.) on Saturday, February 27th, 2016 from 10 1 p.m. in the Meyers Meeting room to the left of the main Northside Library entrance. 


Steve believes that a hunter-friendly hand and body soap is a helpful tool to have on hunting trips, but notes that most 'hunter-friendly' soaps on the market dry out your skin. Searching for a hunter-friendly soap that would not dry out his skin, the Springfield, Ohio native began experimenting with different formulas. The result of his quest is a hunter-friendly soap formula that will not dry out the skin, but also won't repel deer and other small game. Steve offers up the hunting tip that "deer will avoid your hunting area once they pick-up the unfamiliar scent, which is why it's important to leave out the perfumes when you go hunting."  Additionally, Steve notes that dyes and perfumes tend to dry out the skin, so he intentionally leaves them out of his soap formula. Steve's exclusive soap is not being marketed to the general public--the only way you can get it is to attend the workshop, learn to make it yourself, and leave with your own sample. Self Reliance Learning Network, founder, Danny Huff, will also demonstrate money-saving detergent-making skills for the home laundry as well as the great outdoors.


Workshop participants will receive training and will leave the Workshop with hand-made samples of the various soaps and detergents being demonstrated. The event is sponsored by The Self Reliance Learning Network (SRLN). Pre-registration ($20 for guest training materials) is required at: Sustainable & Practical Soap Making at The Self Reliance Learning Network is a non-profit local education network committed to teaching basic self-reliance skills to individuals and families to help them become more self-sufficient and prepared for unexpected events such as personal and family financial crises, emergency situations, and natural disasters. Membership in the Network is free. For more info. visit their facebook page:The Self-Reliance Learning Network, or email

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